Anatomy Of FieldSock
FieldSock is a family owned business
We are based out of Loveland Colo.
Status ~ 'Patent Pending
The future of all our socks will be based upon being a sock with functional ablilities. Other names
our socks are called by, Warm cycling
socks and others call a function, gaiter socks. 

FieldSock was created while I was working on my masters in plumbing.

We had a series of Duplexes, which starts out with an underground, digging trenches and installing abs/pvc/cast iron pipe. I had 10 to do which was about a month's worth of digging. While I was working, I would see my apprentice and helper stop about 4-5 times per day. To take their shoes off, empty dirt/squeegee out. Put their shoes back on, only to have it happen again.

        This is when I came up with the idea and presented it to my family, they were all in favor. This sock can Help people stay within regulations of OSHA standards as well as rules and regulations of some athletics, by concealing the laces on one's shoes.         Adjusters/Roofers, Climbing up/down ladder as well as pitch on roof.

        Having laces concealed will significanly reduce accidents but most importantly, you are safe. FieldSock Helps with chiggers and stickers while hiking in the woods. There are multiple ways to utilize FieldSock, field work, hunting, shoveling snow/brushing snow off car. Check out the description under products.

      There are a lot of people who purchase field socks for the purpose of,

warm cycling socks.

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