Don't Sweat over chiggers 'n' ticks

This spring/summer while #hiking-#biking-#fishing or just #camping in the #RockyMountains. You will find a Tick/Chigger somewhere on you, hopefully before they burrow themselves into you. If not, you will want to take a needle or knife and light a match to heat it up until glowing red. Once you find the burrowed in Tick, open your skin just enough to see the back end of this disgusting little creature. Take the Hot end of the needle/knife and lightly touch the little burgher. The arachnid will back it's way out at which time, "you smash". Please forgive me for those who think this to be a cruel act.

#LymeDisease: Does come from the #Tick in North America.

However it is not a common thing you see around here. But everyone should be super careful (nun-the-less) Who would want to contract a disease when it could have been avoided.


More common in the south-east but it is not unusual to see them in the Rocky Mountains.

FieldSock: Not only will help concealing an area everyone sometimes forgets but will also keep out all the debris that comes with hiking and or hunting. Tucking shoe laces and covering them with the Bottom Cuff as well, will most definitely save you time having to pick out cockle-bur's. FieldSock will also help facilitate in keeping shoe/foot dry.

At the end of the day, #FieldSock can be worn as a regular #sock for the ride home. Follow this link to make a purchase.

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