FieldSock'Seal The Gap' FieldSock ~ No More Rox's In Thy Sox's Gaiter Sock, First multi-functiona

  1. FieldSock 'Seal The Gap' FieldSock ~ No More Rox's In Thy Sox's Gaiter Sock, First multi-functionable Sock with 4 Attributes.

  2. Saturday, February 22, 2020 FIELDSOCK ~ Can FieldSock Be Labeled As: Gaiter Sock or Fall Under Gaiter Sock Category ?? FieldSock is an innovative new sock Which Includes ~ 4 specific attributes.

    FieldSock ~ Outer Sleeve Bottom Cuff Pulled Down Over Top Of Shoe. 1~ FieldSock: can be worn like a regular sock. 2~ FieldSock: Outer Sleeve Bottom Cuff, Can be pull out and over the top of shoe. This conceals the Gap Between Shoe'N'Sock, No more Rox's In Thy Soc's while working/playing. 3~ FieldSock: Benefits the Athletes & Workers: Outer Sleeve - Bottom Cuff can be rolled up with shoe laces and then take Outer Sleeve - Top Cuff, Pull down over rolled laces for added security. Same goes for the Workman. Example: I worked as an adjuster and my shoe had come loose from stepping on the long laces going up the ladder. On the roof I tripped and almost went over the edge. If I had FieldSock, my laces would have been secured and no worries anywhere. 4~ FieldSock: Outer Sleeve Top Cuff, Can serve as an Inconspicuous holding sleeve for money while at a concert or ?   GAITER: Garment worn to cover or protect ankle or lower leg, Similar to leggings. FieldSock does give the ankle support while reducing the fatigue an ankle endures through the day. I believe it is safe to say, One of FieldSock's Functions. Can be labeled 'Gaiter Sock'.
    FieldSock can be folded and worn in so many different ways. Not only does this sock have 4 attributes but it can change with your moods or change with occasion.
    . There is no way anyone can loose with FieldSock. Make this sock ~ Your Go-2- sock,  in the (Sock Drawer) Check It Out:- Posted by elikrebs37 at 11:59 PM
    Labels: Field Sock, FieldSock, Gaiter Sock, Sock Location: Loveland, CO 80537, USA

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