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How Much Can Concealing Shoe Laces During Work Really Mean.??

For Me, "A Great Deal" I could have died several times over.

I as an #adjuster have had several close calls while climbing the ladder.

I as an #adjuster have had several close calls while on the roof, performing an inspection.

When I say close calls, I mean. 2 stories up and taking the final step onto roof, only to feel my leg suddenly stop because my other foot was standing on my shoe lace. This jerked my whole body and I almost went tumbling down. If it wasn't for my MARVEL Skills, I would be been French Toast.

In my Plumbing dayz, I used to have wood chips falling between my shoe'N'sock every-time I drilled out a home.

In my Plumbing dayz, every-time I had to dig out an underground. My shoes/boots would fill up with dirt and or squeegee.

If I only had #FieldSock, (Not only would I have saved tons of time) Not having to stop and take my shoes off to empty them but I wouldn't have memories like this one written below.

I remember feeling like everyone on the job was starring at me thinking I was retarded. Not one of my favorable moments. I'm telling you this in hopes that people reading this, take heed and learn from my mistakes.

If I only had FieldSock during my Adjusting dayz, My hair would not have turned grey from being so frightened.

Start Concealing Shoe Laces During Work or Play.


Click ^^^^

Thank You For Your Time. F.S.

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