Everyone Will Want

FieldSock was created for the everyday duties, people perform.

#FieldSock is meant for so much more, let me tell you the ways this sock

has helped me.

  • Hiking

  • Shoveling snow, #Snowshoeing, #Snowmobiling

  • Adjusting Property/Roofing

  • Running,

  • All athletics including soccer

  • Hunting

  • Cycling,

  • Motocross

  • Tucking pant leg into Upper Cuff while riding to work

Field Sock was created for the working man/woman

Field Sock has the perfect #Compression This sock can lower the % of accidents by a lot, by concealing the shoelaces and keeping

them bound while at work or play, this includes athletics. * Keeping laces tucked away keeps

you from shanking the ball while kicking, tripping or tripping others by loose laces.

* Climbing ladders and inspecting roofs, having laces bound is BIG!

I could go on but for now, you see the point of FieldSock being worth having in

sock drawer.

~Why you should invest in Giving a Pair of FieldSocks~ To employee's

#Nutshellme, O.K. Here it goes. FieldSock saves time on applicable duties which pertain

to FieldSocks functions. No more emptying your shoes every time you have

"Rocks N Thy Socks" Wearing FieldSock while Shoveling snow/brushing car off, can & will

prevent snow from falling right between the shoe & sock.

Every time you go hiking or yard work, fieldsock's will keep your shoes clear of any debris. FieldSock can also benefit the athlete or anyone else that may need to keep their shoelaces secure and out of the way especially roof and ladder work or any kind of work for that matter.

Finally, #Fieldsock's Outer Sleeve-Upper Cuff can serve as an inconspicuous holding spot

for cash or ?


One Size Fits All

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