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Some Common Knowledge about space

Lets start with our sun. Scientist and others think the center of our Universe is somewhere out There....?

I believe the star that keeps all life alive on #Earth is the Focal point. of our Universe.

Main reason I believe this, is the obvious. Everything we know rotates around the sun.

Everything about this subject is speculative. Meaning, go with what you believe. Most think we are one of 4 arms of the Milky Way called Orion. All 4 arms rotate around the center of the Milky Way, in the center is thy largest Black Hole on record.

Massive eruption on the SUN, If one of these were to grow extremely large.

It could cause every electronic to FRY, put us back into the stone age. (may not be bad thing)

Mercury: 1st Planet from our SUN. This planet doesn't have much and this is why no one

wants to live there or even vacation there.

Venus: 2nd Planet from our SUN. Here Some thought if Homosapiens KILLED Mother Earth,

we could just jump ship and go to the next planet. But it turned out that Venus atmosphere was filled with methane gas & such. Our faces would melt off and no-one could get a date. So the smarty pants of this world decided, no on Venus.

The 3rd Planet from our SUN, EARTH. Right in the habitable zone. Now this is what I'm talking about. Over 2/3rds of the planet ( h2o ) Polar Caps with a central equator. Awesome,

I was listening today on some scientist mumbling over how and where all of this water came from. They were serious when I heard them saying that possibly the h2o came from Meteors and or Comets. Absurd this idea was, according to my calculations. This talk was right up there with the Big Bang theory. Tell me, what happens when a bomb goes off.

You see a little bit over there and some way up there. Look at the obvious, look how perfectly round our planet is as well as all the others. You would think atleast one would be elongated or have a large concave section. No, everything is perfect and so it has to be, in order to keep it's orbit around the Sun. 2nd let's look at DNA on Humans. There are 23 Chromosome pairs and 46 all together. They are tightly wrapped a spool of proteins called histones. Without histones, DNA molecules would be to long to fit inside a cell.

Example: If all DNA in a single cell were taken off their histone packaging and placed side by side. 6' would be the total stretch of this.

If there was one chromosome missing or out of place. This would mean, Failure.

For everything to be so perfect and to believe that it all came from a big bang is just, ludicrous. From the beginning of time, Humans have a way hard time accepting anything that they cannot breakdown and understand. Meaning, Creation is out of the picture for most. If anyone reasonable would take the time and think about it, examine creation vs the little big bang theory, they will begin to see what's really the truth.

Outside of our perfect little world and deeper into vast space is: MARS

The Smarty's ventured to Mars and took a look. They saw signs of water which used to be abutment but no signs of it coming back. The atmosphere lacked the elements to create co2. For now, it's still a no go, plus Mars is just outside the habitable zone. Which means, watch out for shooting stars and such.

5th Planet from our SUN: Jupiter

Now Here is something about Jupiter, It's huge, 1,300 Earth's can fit in this gas giant.

Knowing this, it would take something very large and in charge to magnetically tug enough to create a pole shift on this bad boy. Around 2018 this happened. If you don't believe, check out the large eye of the storm which has been brewing on this planet for a long ole time. Now back to Earth, if you do your due diligence. You will see that Earth is at the start of a pole shift. The speed is picking up quite rapidly. "Crazy" So fast that airports are having to change their Due North on a continual basis. This is not good. Once Earth hits a certain thresh-hold, Earth will finish it's shift in less then a day. Anyone who doesn't know anything, This is bad news. Especially to our roads. 'lol' Sorry, not funny.

What ever was tugging on Jupiter, I now believe it's tugging on Mother Earth. When it's all done, Colorado will be either close to the North pole. (Scary Cold)

'Or' could be close to the equator. (Scary Warm)

6th Planet from the SUN: Uranus

Nice Planet to check out, If you lived there, you would get tired of all the jokes. You know,

Your-Anus. Ok, Bad Joke.

7th Planet from the SUN is my Favorite, Neptune: I will never get tired of painting this planet.

Planet Pluto is no more, Scientist reconfigured that the planet used to be one of Neptune's moons. If you read all of this, you will know what I'm talking about when I say. Pluto was pulled away and or pulled out of orbit when the celestial beast that created a pole shift to Jupiter around 2018 and now is on it's way to give Mother Earth a shift of her own.

Last time this celestial figure came by, it pulled Pluto along in it's wake of destruction.

All that has been written above is words of my own and or integrated with facts from the net.

People-Look for your own eyes, Google and look into Earth and it's Pole Shifting.

All of this has been brought to you by: FIELDSOCK.

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