Updated: Nov 18, 2020

Revolutionary Sock that ~Seals The Gap~ Which means,

No More Rox-N-Thi Socs!

FieldSock has just hit the market in Colorado only and will be working on it's expansion through out the United States-Australia-UK-Russia-Iceland and New Zealand.

This one of a kind sock has three distinct functions and will help out a variety of people.

As the picture depicts, the Outer-Sleeve-Top & Bottom Cuff- of FieldSock. Have the

Shoe Laces concealed. EXPLANATION: Bottom Cuff, pulled down and rolled up inwards

with laces. Rolled up as high & tight as you can get it, then Outer Sleeve Upper Cuff

is to be pulled down over Bottom Rolled Cuff as a secondary precaution.

This makes 1 of the 3 functions of FieldSock

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