Use Of FieldSock

Keep Rocks/Debris From Ur Soc's

1-Everyday Yard Work

2- On The Job Digging Or Drilling

(Compression Field Socks, help w/stress)

3-Hiking (Keeping Chiggers/Ticks Out)

                (Gaiter Socks)

4- Hunting (Keeping Snow/Debris Out)

5- Brushing Snow Off Your Car

    (Keeps Snow Out Of Shoe & Sock)

6- Riding Bike To Work

    (Tuck Pant Leg Into Outer Sleeve)

    (Warm Cycling Socks)

7- Outer Sleeve Top Cuff

(Serves As An Inconspicuous Holding Spot)

           (Stylish Compression Socks)


Colorado Hemp

~ Soc Ur PoP ~

With Carabiner

Latch to anything